آموزش درس  پنجم کتاب oxford word skills basic

آموزش کتاب oxford word skills basic

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آموزش درس  پنجم کتاب oxford word skills basic

لغات مکمل


Students usually sit at these during class to work. The teacher usually has one too

 White board

Often, chalkboards are replaced by these, which require markers to be written on


This tool can erase marker, chalk, or pencil

Dry erase marker / Expo marker

This type of eraser is specifically used for white boards


If you want to show a slideshow or video to the class, you need to use a 

Flash cards

If you need to memorize a list of vocabulary terms, you can make a series of double-sided _____ for a useful study tool


This is the most common writing utensil used in classrooms, made of wood, graphite, and a rubber eraser


This writing utensil uses ink instead of graphite


This chart shows the days of each month and often maps out a class’ lesson plan over the school year.


Teachers often hang _____ around their classroom, especially for inspirational motivation.


This is a general term used for paper, pens, and other office materials


You can use a _____ to quickly fasten several papers together

 Binder / three-ringed binder

You can use a _____ to keep loose papers together under one cover

Hole puncher

If you want to put your papers in a binder, you should use a _____ so that they can slip into the rings

Lined paper / notebook paper / ruled paper

This kind of paper contains blue lines to help you write neatly

 Printer paper

Blank, white paper is commonly known as 


A _____ is a small book with empty pages to be written on


Most classes use published books containing curriculum material that are known as 


What do you call a book that tells a fictional story instead of factual information?

 Pencil case

What do you call a small, portable container used to hold pencils, pens, and other small stationery items?


Most students carry a _____ on their shoulders to hold their books and school supplies


This is a diagram of the world or a smaller geographical area, commonly found on classroom walls


This is a three-dimensional model of the world, commonly found in classroom

Bookshelf / bookcase

What type of furniture is used to hold books, in either a classroom or a house?


This is a special marker with bright ink that can be used to mark special passages in a reading


If your friend was absent from class and asked you to help them catch up, you should give them the _____ you took in class.


Students like to look up at this to see when class is going to end

 School bell

This sound signifies the beginning and end of a class period

 Fire alarm

Pulling this will cause everyone to evacuate the building and bring firefighters to the school

Pen holder / pencil holder

This is a cup-like container used to hold pens and pencils, commonly found on the teacher’s desk


If you need to hold several papers together temporarily, use a 

Binder clip

If the papers are too thick for a paperclip to hold, try a _____ instead


What do you call a thin strip of plastic with sticky adhesive on one side?

 Tape dispenser

What do you call the container that holds and cuts the tape?


This is a type of adhesive in liquid form, often found in a bottle

Glue stick

This is a cylindrical container that contains a solid adhesive


If you’re in a college lecture room, the professor might stand before a _____ while giving their lesson


The professor might also have to speak through a _____ if the lecture room is too big for them to be heard


This stationery item is used to cut paper


If you’re taking a math class, you might need to bring this small machine to help you do calculations


What do you call a straightedge marked with numbers to help you measure things?


Many students are caught chewing this in class. You can also find it stuck to the bottoms of desks


Drawings or etchings found on desks though are not supposed to be there are called _____.


This is a chart or small notebook with a calendar that can help you plan future events or assignments.


This is a device that helps you draw perfect circles and is commonly used in geometry classes.

Pencil sharpener

If the tip of your pencil broke or is getting a bit dull, you’ll need to insert it into a _____.

Flash drive

This is a small device that can transport files from computer to computer.


This is a term used for papers that a teacher gives out to their students during class.


What do you call a piece of paper with questions or problems to be worked on during a class period?


This is a term for many papers stapled together. It can be a reading, a series of worksheets, etc.


Teachers and professors usually hand out a _____ on the first day of class, which details the course’s curriculum, assignments, and tests.



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