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Listening texts

Podcast 1 

A: Good evening. My name is Fabio. I’ll be your
waiter for tonight. May I take your order?
B: No, I’m still working on it. This menu isn’t even in
English. What’s good here?
A: For you sir, I would recommend spaghetti and
B: Does it come with coke and fries?
A: It comes with either soup or salad and a compli-
mentary glass of wine, sir.
B: I’ll go with the spaghetti and meatballs, salad and
the wine.
A: Excellent choice. Your order will be ready soon.

B: How soon is soon?
A: Twenty minutes?
B: You know what? I’ll just go grab a burger across
the street.


Podcast 2

A: Hello, Daniel speaking, how may I help you?
B: Hi, Daniel, Julie here.
A: Hi, Julie, how are you?
B: Actually, I’m feeling quite ill today.
A: I’m sorry to hear that. What’s wrong?
B: I think I’m coming down with the flu. I have a
headache, a sore throat a runny nose and I’m
feeling slightly feverish.
A: I see… so you’re calling in sick?

B: Yes, I was hoping to take the day off to recover.
A: OK, then. Try and get some rest.


Podcast 3

A: Good afternoon. What can I do for you?
B: I’d like to check in please. I have a reservation
under the name Anthony Roberts.
A: All right R.O.B.E.R.T.S… Oh, Mr. Roberts we’ve
been expecting you… and here is your keycard to
the presidential suite.
B: But there must be some mistake; my reservation
was for a standard room.
A: Are you sure? Let me double check .
B: Yeah…Here, this is my confirmation number.

A: You’re right Mr. Roberts, there seems to be a mix-
up, unfortunately we’re overbooked at the mo-
ment .
B: So…
A: Not to worry. We’re pleased to offer you a compli-
mentary upgrade.
B: Presidential suite baby!


Podcast 4

A: …like I told you before, we just don’t have the re-
sources to hire you an assistant.
B: I understand that, but the fact is we’re under-
A: The timing is just not right. The economy is bad,
and it’s too risky to take on new staff.
B: Yeah, I guess you’re right…. here’s an idea, what
if we hire an intern? She would take some of the
weight off my shoulders.
A: She?
B: Yeah, you know, a recent graduate. She could
give me a hand with some of these projects and
we could keep our costs down.

A: That sounds reasonable… let me see what I can
A: Tony, I’d like to introduce you to your new assis-
B: OK, great! Let’s meet her!
C: Hi, I’m Adam.
B: Oh… hi… I’m Tony…


Podcast 5

A: I can’t believe it took us two hours to get here. The
traffic in New York is unbelievable.
B: Yeah, but just relax honey, we’re here and we’re
going on vacation. In a few hours we’ll be in
Hawaii, and you’ll be on the golf course.
A: Oh no! Look at that line! It must be a mile long!
There’s no way I’m waiting for another two hours.
B: Honey… don’t…
C: Hey man, the end of the line is over there.
A: Yeah…
C: No seriously, I was here first, and you can’t cut in
line like this.
A: Says who?
C: I do!
A: So sue me!
C: Alright…that’s it….


Podcast 6

A: So, are we all ready to go?
B: Yup, I think so. The car’s packed; we have
munchies and music, and the map’s in the car.
A: Did you get the camera?
B: Got it! Did you fill up the tank?
A: Yup, it’s all set.
B: You’re sure we’re not forgetting anything?
A: I’m sure… we’ve got all our bases covered.
B: Well… let’s get going then! I love road trips!

B: Um… do you think we can make a pit stop?
A: But we’ve only been on the road for ten minutes.
B: I know, but I forgot to go to the bathroom before
we left.


Podcast 7

A: Oh great! This stupid computer froze again!
That’s the third time today! Hey Samuel, can
you come take a look at my PC? It’s acting up
again. It must have a virus or something.
B: Just give me a second; I’ll be right up.
B: I ran a virus scan on your computer, and it turns
out that you have a lot of infected files!
A: But I’m quite careful when I’m browsing the
internet, I have no idea how I could have picked
up a virus.
B: Well, you have to make sure that your anti-virus
software is updated regularly; yours wasn’t up to
date, that’s probably what was causing your prob-

A: Ok. Anything else?

B: Yeah, try not to kick or hit the computer!
A: Um yeah… Sorry about that.


Podcast 8

A: Nick! How’s it going?
B: Oh, hey…
A: What are you doing in this neighbourhood? Do
you live around here?
B: Actually, my office is right around the corner.
A: It was great to meet you last week at the confer-
ence. I really enjoyed our conversation about for-
eign investment.
B: Yeah, yeah, it was really interesting. You know,
I’m in a bit of a hurry, but here’s my card. We
should definitely meet up again and continue our

A: Sure, you still have my contact details, right ?
B: You know what, this is really embarrassing, but
your name has just slipped my mind. Can you
remind me?
A: Sure, my name is Ana Ferris. Don’t worry about
it; it happens to me all the time. I’m terrible with
names too.


Podcast 9

A: Those people in front of us are making so much
noise. It’s so inconsiderate!
B: Don’t worry about it; it’s not such a big deal.
A: Oh… I can’t hear a thing! Excuse me, can you
keep it down?
C: Sure, sorry ’bout that!
A: Someone’s phone is ringing!
B: Honey, I think it’s your phone. Did you forget to
switch it off?
A: Oh, no! You’re right. That’s so embarrassing!

C: Do you mind keeping it down? I’m trying to
watch a movie here!


Podcast 10

A: Hello, I’m here to see Mr. Corleone.
B: Right this way, sir.
C: Charlie! What can I do for you?
B: Mr. Corlone, I’m really sorry to trouble you, but
I need your help.
C: Anything for you, Charlie! Your father was like a
brother to me.
B: Well, sir, you see, this recession has hit me pretty
hard; I lost my job and I’m in a lot of debt.
C: I see……

B: Yeah, you know, I’ve got credit card bills, car
payments, I’ve got to pay my mortgage; and on
top of all that, I have to pay my son’s college
C: So you’re asking for a loan.
B: Well, I just thought maybe you could help me out.
C: What? At a time like this? I’m broke too, you
know! You’re not the only one who has been hit
by the recession! I lost half my money in the stock
market crash! Go on! Get outta here!


Podcast 11

A: Hurry up, get in!
B: I’m in , let’s go!
A: OK, make a left here…no wait, I meant make a
right. Come on speed up!
B: Geeze! What’s the rush?
A: Don’t worry about it, just drive. Oh, no, the light is
about to change… step on it!
B: Are you nuts? I’m not going to run a red light!
A: Whatever. Just turn right here. The freeway will
be packed at this hour…. let’s take a side street.
Go on! Get out of our way! Move, move!

B: What’s your problem? Geez. Having a fit is not
going to help!
A: Here, I know a short cut… just go down here and
we’ll cut through Ashburn Heights. Let’s go, let’s
go! Watch out for that lady!
B: I’m going as fast as I can!
A: Yes! We made it. 5:58, just before the library


Podcast 12

A: I can’t believe that Anthony is finally getting mar-
B: Yeah, well, it’s about time. He’s been living with
his parents for forty years!
A: Don’t be mean. Look, here come the brides-
maids! Their dresses look beautiful!
B: Who are those kids walking down the aisle?
A: That’s the flower girl and the ring bearer. I’m
pretty sure they’re the groom’s niece and nephew.
Oh, they look so cute!
B: I just hope the priest makes it quick. I’m starving.
I hope the food’s good at the reception.

A: That’s all you ever think about, food! Oh, I think
the bride’s coming now! She looks gorgeous.
Wait, what’s she doing? Where’s she going?
B: Oh, great! Does this mean that the reception is


Podcast 13

A: Hello, Arthur. What seems to be the problem?
B: Hey doc. Well, I think I might need glasses. I’m
getting headaches, and I really struggle to see
things that are far away. But I have always had
۲۰/۲۰ vision.
A: Sounds like you may be far-sighted. OK, then,
cover your left eye and read the chart in front of
B: Mmm… X, E, R, 3, a question mark, and I can’t
quite make out the other symbol but I think it’s the
peace sign.
A: Wow, Arthur! You’re as blind as a bat!
B: Yeah, I know, my vision is really blurry at times.

A: Ok, then, head on over to the other room and pick
out some frames while I fill out your prescription.
B: Thanks, doc!
A: Arthur, that’s the bathroom.


Podcast 14

A: Hello, Fairbrook Consulting, how may I help you?
B: Yes, this is Julianne Horton, and I’m calling to ar-
range an appointment with Ms. McNealy.
A: Certainly, what day were you thinking of?
B: How’s Thursday? Does she have any time avail-
able then?
A: Um… let me double check…unfortunately, she’s
booked solid on Thursday, how does next Monday
work for you?
B: Actually, I’ve got something scheduled on Mon-
day. Can she do Tuesday?

A: Sure, Tuesday’s perfect. May I ask where you’re
calling from?
B: Sure, Merton Financial Advisors.
A: Oh, actually, Tuesday’s no good. Sorry ’bout that.



Podcast 15

A: Do you two have any plans for the evening?
B: We were thinking of checking out a restaurant in
the neigbourhood. Do you have any suggestions?
A: I know this really nice Italian place. The food is
fantastic, and the décor is beautiful. I’d recom-
mend giving it a try.
C: Actually, I’m not all that crazy aboutItalian Italian
food; I’m in the mood for something a bit lighter.
A: In that case, I know a great little bistro. They make
a really tasty seafood platter; the fish is outstand-
B: It sounds fantastic, but I’m allergic to seafood,

A: Okay, well, let me think… Oh, I know this great
little place. It’s just a hole in the wall, but they
do the most amazing sandwiches. You gotta give
them a try.
C: Ella, you took me there last time I visited, and I
got food poisoning, remember?


Podcast 16

A: So, did I tell you about my New Year’s resolution?
I’ve decided to go on a diet.
B: And you’re going to completely transform your
eating habits, right?
A: Exactly! I’m going to cut out all that junk I eat; no
more chips, no more soda, no more fried food.
B: I’ve heard this one before.
A: But this time I’m going to stick to it. I really mean
it! Trust me, Carol, I’m going to be a new man in
one year’s time!
B: Well, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

A: Thanks, honey, that was a great meal. I’m stuffed.
Do we have any chips left?


Podcast 17

A: Mr. McKenna, do you have a second? I need to
talk to you about something.
B: Sure, Liv, what can I do for you?
A: Well, I was just wondering… you see, I know I’ve
used up all my vacation days this year, but my
sister is getting married, and the wedding is over-
seas, and, well…
B: You wanna take some time off, is that right?
A: Well, sir, I was just hoping that I might be able to
take some unpaid leave this year.
B: What dates are you planning on taking off? I’ll
need at least two months notice, so that I can plan
for your absence.

A: I was thinking of taking off from September first
until the thirtieth. Would you be okay with that?
B: Well, I guess so.


Podcast 18

A: Hello, Samantha speaking.
B: Hi Samantha. This is Angela calling.
A: Oh, hi Angela, what’s up?
B: I’m just calling about our meeting today. I wonder,
is it possible to reschedule our appointment in the
afternoon? I have a bit of an emergency that I
need to take care of.
A: Let me see, it shouldn’t be too much of a prob-
B: I’m really sorry, I hope it doesn’t inconvenience
you too much, it’s just this thing came up, and …

A: Angela, you know what, I can’t make it to our
meeting, either. Why don’t we postpone it to to-
morrow afternoon at the same time?
B: Sounds great. See you tomorrow.
C: Angela… Angela, look up! See that lady over
there who is trying on a red leather jacket? Isn’t
that Samantha?
B: What? No wonder she told me she couldn’t make
it to the meeting, oh, no, I think she saw me…


Podcast 19

A: Has the game started yet?
B: Yeah, about 5 minutes ago.
A: Who’s winning?
B: The Bulls, of course!
A: What! That wasn’t a foul! C’mon, ref!
B: Don’t worry, Shaq always screws up free throws.
A: You were right! He didn’t make the shot!
B: That was a great shot! A three pointer, yeah!

A: Did you see that? He traveled and the ref didn’t
call it!
B: This ref needs glasses. Hey ref, open your eyes!
I can’t believe he didn’t see that!
A: Okay… end of the first quarter… Alright, I’m gonna
make a beer run.



Podcast 20

A: Steven! Where have you been? I’ve been trying
to get a hold of you for hours!
B: I… um… there was an emergency at work, so…
A: I was waiting for you in the restaurant for three
hours! And you didn’t even have the decency to
call me! Do you have any idea how embarrassed
I was?
B: Honey, I promise this won’t happen again, it’s just
that I…
A: Yeah, right. I’ve heard it all before. I’m not going
to take any more of your empty promises. This
is the fifth time you’ve stood me up in two weeks!
You need to get your priorities straight. I’m tired
of you putting your job first all the time!

B: Come on, Veronica, that’s not fair. I do care about
you a lot, you know that. I tried to …
A: You know what? Maybe we should just take a
break. I need some time to think about where this
relationship is heading.
B: But…Veronica, would you just listen to me? There
was a fire alarm at my office building today and I
was stuck…

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